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Micro-Credentials in Professional Learning


Microcredentials in Professional Learning

What is Worlds of Learning @ New Milford High School?

Technology can be a powerful tool to help us meet the Common Core Standards and move our students forward to prepare them for success in school and beyond. In general, the Common Core calls for the seamless integration of technology into the curriculum.

Worlds of Learning @ New Milford High School provides a framework which allows our teachers to earn digital badges through learning about technology tools and applications and applying their learnings to their instruction to improve learning outcomes.  This evidence-based platform has been designed so that its resources prepare our educators to fully leverage the potential for mastering digital age skills embodied in the ISTE standards for Teachers.

 As technology integration continues to increase in our society, it is paramount that teachers possess the skills and behaviors of digital age professionals. Educators must be comfortable teaching, working and learning in an increasingly connected global and digital society.


How Does it Work?

front_page_imageAfter registering, teachers can earn badges by learning about a tool and demonstrating how they have successfully integrated it into their instruction.  They can then showcase their knowledge by displaying their micro-credentials through Credly, the free web service for issuing, earning and sharing badges or as a Mozilla OpenBadge.  From there, their badges can be embedded into their sites or blogs and pushed out to their social networks.

 Worlds of Learning @ NMHS was created by school library media specialist, Laura Fleming.

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